Bulk Material Handling Solutions: Bucket Elevators, Aeromechanical & screw conveyors, Bagstanders.

You have product to move. We have the product to move it. Bucket elevators, aeromechanical conveyors or flex augers, we’ll exceed your expectations for cost-effective performance.

Bring us your dirty, dusty, sticky, fragile or hazardous materials. If your specific challenge is not described, let us know. We’ll get back to you promptly. When it comes to bulk materials handling solutions, since 1969 we’ve thought of nothing else.

From the Newsroom

Powderflight choice for US expansion of BeardowAdams


When a process line works well in one facility, why not replicate that winning formula in a new facility? Learn more about how long-time UniTrak customers, BeardowAdams continue to use Powderflight AMC in their new Charlotte, NC facility. Read More

  Chemical & Powder
 Powders, pellets, prills, blends, strings, dry chemicals
 Ground, soluble, whole bean coffee handling
  Fruit & Vegetables
 Fresh and frozen fruit and vegetables handling
 Sticky, fragile, wrapped confectionery and candy handling
  Pet & Livestock feed
 Pet and livestock feed handling solutions
 Snack foods, cereals, rice & pasta handling solutions
  Other foods
 From soup mix to nuts. Other food handling
  Other Materials
 Ball bearings to wood flour. Handling other materials
  TipTrak™ bucket elevator conveyors
 The quietest, gentlest handling of any mechanical conveying device. Available in Open, PEC and Monocoque models. TipTrak bucket elevators
  Powderflight™ aeromechanical conveyors
 Dust-free solution for a wide variety of food and chemical materials. High output. Clean handling. Affordable cost. Powderflight conveyors
  Flexible auger conveyor
 Also known as spiral conveyor or auger conveyor. A reliable, portable performer for an extensive range of materials. Flex screw auger
  Bagstander™ FIBC bulk bag unloader
 Your safe, simple, flexible, dust-tight and cost-effective solution to FIBC bulk bag handling. Rock-solid support during discharge. Bagstander