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To mitigate the risk of an explosion in these applications, it is critical to use conveyors that are especially designed to address the conditions which can lead to a dust explosion.

What it
means to you

In certain conveying applications, the risk of a dust explosion is a real and present danger. For an explosion to occur, three conditions need to be present: fuel (the product being handled or dust from the product); ignition; and oxygen.

UniTrak’s first explosive application project took place in 1971 at the Volunteer Ammunition Plant in Chattanooga, Tennessee, USA. In that project, a highly customized TipTrak™ bucket elevator was supplied for the handling of TNT.

Since then, UniTrak has become a recognized leader in handling explosive applications.

Our equipment can be tailored to provide a high degree of dust control and explosion prevention. Our TipTrak bucket elevator for explosive applications can be fully-sealed, fully-grounded and can operate under a gas purge. Many other customization options make this conveyor ideal for safe operation in hazardous or explosive environments.

How we've got it handled

  • TipTrak Bucket Elevator

    TipTrak Bucket Elevator

    For nearly 50 years, the TipTrak™ bucket elevator has been the number one choice for food and chemical processing companies to elevate their value added powders and bulk products. The TipTrak™ bucket elevator provides the gentlest handling, least spillage, lowest maintenance, and quietest operation of any bucket conveyor system.

    Learn more about the TipTrak bucket elevator.

    Non-Food Materials
    • Alkyl ketene dimer pastilles
    • Aluminum powder
    • Ammonium nitrate
    • Bentonite mix
    • Black powder
    • Carbon black
    • Carbon flake
    • Energetic Materials
    • Fungicide
    • Naphthalene dicarboxylate
    • Pesticide surfactant
    • PETN powder
    • Phenolicresin
    • Phosphonium Propellant
    • Sodium azide
    • Stearic acid
    • Sulfonamide accelerator
    • Sulfur
    • Sulphomium
    • Sulphur granules
    • Sulphur pastilles
    • Sulphur pellets
    • Sulphur powder
    • Sulphur prills
    • TOW grain & fuel rod
    • Tributyl phosphate (wetted TBP)
    • Trinitrotoluene (TNT)
    • Wood flour
    • Zinc stearate flakes

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    TipTrak Bucket Elevator

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