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UniTrak Bulk Material Conveyors at Pack Expo 2017

June 29, 2017

Customers and buyers interested in seeing UniTrak’s line of high-care bulk material conveyors will be able to do so at the Pack Expo trade show, to be held in Las Vegas, September 25-27, 2017.

About Pack Expo 2017

Pack Expo is the largest and most comprehensive packaging event in North America. The show brings together end-users and suppliers from every vertical industry over the course of three days. The Pack Expo show is considered a flagship show for the packaging and bulk materials handling industry.

Marie Lytle, UniTrak’s Marketing Manager, says, “Pack Expo is a major show event for us at UniTrak. At the show, customers and buyers will able to see our product line and find out why UniTrak is a preferred brand for those seeking high-care conveying solutions.”

UniTrak High-Care Bulk Material Conveyors

UniTrak is a global brand that serves the marketplace for high-care bulk material conveying solutions. High-care bulk material conveyors go beyond standard conveyors to offer superior product preservation and handling, even in applications involving highly fragile and friable materials. The unique design features of UniTrak high-care conveyors ensures that customers can always move their product with minimal damage, degradation and spillage.

UniTrak High-Care Conveyors for Severe, Cleanable, and Critical Service Applications

UniTrak equipment lines include the TipTrak™ line of bucket conveyorsPowderflight aeromechanical conveyors, and UniFlex flexible screw conveyors. UniTrak combines a unique “customerization” process with advanced technology, such as the TipTrak™ rubber chain, to provide conveying solutions that are precisely tailored for each customer application.

Through customerization, UniTrak high-care conveyors can be purpose-built for applications where high-wear (severe service), cleanability (cleanable service), and the handling of hazardous or toxic materials (critical service) is a primary concern.

Material applications for UniTrak equipment include those involving powders, flakes, pellets, prills, and food ingredients. A distinct advantage of UniTrak equipment is its durability and reliability, ensuring lower total lifecycle costs and superior ROI. Equipment is available in a wide range of construction types and configurations to fit any processing environment. No matter the process or the material, UniTrak has a conveyor that will fit the bill!

If you are interested in the UniTrak line of high-care conveying solutions, we invite you to visit us at booth S-5949 at Pack Expo 2017, or contact our sales team.

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