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The Hesler Company reps UniTrak in Missouri, Kansas and Nebraska

September 3, 2015

UniTrak Corporation Limited, Port Hope, ON – announces a new addition to their US equipment representative network. The Hesler Company, located in Kansas City serves power generators, industrial process plants and consulting engineers across the region with engineered systems and equipment. Hesler is broadening their primarily power and heavy industry based business and engineering firms to now include all industrial applications to serve customers in the medium and light processing industries that are in their territory. This territory will include Nebraska, Kansas and Missouri.

“We are very excited to be working with Hesler Company. Their long term relationships with engineering firms in the area as well as established customer base is a huge advantage in processing and bulk material handling industries. We hope to be able to target emerging markets that are surfacing in their territories, with our combined expertise and knowledge this should be an easy win-win scenario.” said Julie Shipp, US Manager.

Hesler was able to join UniTrak last week in some rep training and various meetings. “We are setting ourselves up for success by having our reps come up for training. Helping each other out right from the beginning is a great way to encourage this success.” explains Aimee Tedford, Marketing Associate. “I hope to be in contact with Hesler on a regular basis to ensure they have all they need to approach customers about UniTrak.

Some of the UniTrak Team out with Hesler Company, Simon Shipp and Mike McGuire

About UniTrak Corporation

UniTrak is a collaborative partner for dependable bulk material handling solutions. Based in Port Hope, Ontario, UniTrak manufactures conveying equipment and is a global supplier to the powder and bulk material handling industry. For the past 45 years, UniTrak has been committed to provide the utmost in long-term reliability, efficiency and productivity for our customers.

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