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The Advantages of Clean-In-Place Sanitary Conveyors

January 16, 2019

Facilities that are required to use sanitary conveyors, such as those involved with food processing, must overcome the challenges of cleaning their conveyors and quickly returning them to service. Conveyors that cannot be cleaned in place (CIP) and which must be moved to a cleaning station require additional time for cleaning, with consequent penalties in downtime and lost throughput. Using clean-in-place sanitary conveyors is one way to overcome this challenge.

What are clean-in-place sanitary conveyors?

Clean-in-place sanitary conveyors can be cleaned and sanitized where they are used, without needing to be moved to a cleaning station. These conveyors have designs which enable in-place cleaning, with minimal or no disassembly of conveyor parts.

Using clean-in-place sanitary conveyors is particularly important in facilities which need to change equipment over between product runs or batches. Clean-in-place equipment greatly reduces the changeover time by eliminating the need to move a conveyor to-and-from a remote cleaning station.

What are the design features of clean-in-place sanitary conveyors?

Clean-in-place sanitary conveyors, such as the KleanTrak sanitary belt conveyor from UniTrak described below, have the following design features:

  • Open design which enables fast and easy access for cleaning and washdown.
  • Minimal horizontal surfaces on which product can accumulate and degrade.
  • FDA-grade belts which offer antimicrobial performance.
  • Sealed bearings to eliminate moisture buildup and corrosion.
  • Washdown duty drive motor.
  • Solid frame members.
  • Hex-head fasteners with no entrapment points.
  • Quick-release fasteners which enable tool-less disassembly of major components.
  • Control systems designed for sanitary environments and washdown.

These features allow the conveyor to be cleaned in place, using a CIP cart or other method, eliminating manual cleaning methods and reducing the downtime needed for cleaning by 50%-75%.

How does UniTrak support customers who need clean-in-place sanitary conveyors?

UniTrak offers several equipment options which can be cleaned in place.

TipTrak™ continuous bucket elevators can be supplied with an optional CIP system installed which eliminates the need to disassemble or move the conveyor. TipTrak™ units are a proven equipment solution for facilities that have to vertically convey materials at rates up to 16,000 cubic feet per hour.

As noted above, the KleanTrak sanitary vertical belt conveyor offers the highest standard in food safety risk mitigation. This conveyor features an FDA-approved sanitary cleated belt and is designed for clean-in-place operation. Three models and four configurations are available which can move materials ate rates up to 40 cubic feet per minute (depending on product characteristics).

To find out more about how UniTrak can support your need for clean-in-place sanitary conveyors, please contact our sales team.

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