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Rubber Drive Chains

May 23, 2019

4 Reasons to Choose a Continuous Bucket Elevator Conveyor with a Rubber Drive Chain

Continuous bucket elevator conveyors are generally driven either by a metal chain, or a rubber one with steel cable reinforcement. At UniTrak, our TipTrak™ continuous bucket elevator conveyors are all driven by our rubber beltchain– an aircraft cable reinforced rubber drive chain. If you’ve never purchased a bucket conveyor before, or haven’t considered one with a rubber drive chain, here are a few things you should know:

1. Rubber Drive Chains Do Not Require Tensioning or Lubrication

Rubber drive chains produced by UniTrak for our TipTrak™ bucket elevator conveyors are reinforced with pre-stretched aircraft cables and are designed to run slack. They never require any tensioning or lubrication whatsoever! Less time doing maintenance means more time in operation!

2. Rubber Drive Chains are Resistant to Corrosion and Wear

Rubber drive chains can be made from rubber compounds that are resistant to chemicals, oils, abrasion, and other forms of aggressive media. When conveying materials that are corrosive, abrasive, or otherwise aggressive, the special compounds available for rubber drive chains make them an ideal choice. Less corrosion and wear mean longer operating life, fewer replacements, and better return on your equipment investment!

3. Rubber Drive Chains are Easy to Clean

Rubber drive chains have fewer entrapment points for material to accumulate. They are also washable, with many users opting for a Clean-In-Place system on their conveyor. Food-grade rubber drive chains are available for sanitary applications. Superior cleanability means faster and easier washdown and more time producing output!

4. Rubber Drive Chains are Ultra Quiet

With no metal-on-metal contact, rubber drive chains produced by UniTrak for our TipTrak™ bucket elevator conveyors are able to operate very quietly. Lower decibel levels makes for a more pleasant and compliant operating environment and is safer for operators!

5. TipTrak™ Rubber Drive Chains are made in Canada

While only a few manufacturers of continuous bucket elevators offer rubber drive chains, UniTrak is the only vendor whose drive chains are made in Canada. Our drive chains are made 100% in-house at our Port Hope facility, meaning that you avoid the longer lead times associated with vendors who are located outside North America or who outsource some or all of their operations.

To learn more about TipTrak™ continuous bucket elevator conveyors and the rubber chains that drive them, please contact our sales department.

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