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Powderflight choice for BeardowAdams expansion

February 25, 2015

Beardow Adams manufactures hot melt adhesives and can produce up to 50,000 tonnes each year, at their headquarters in Milton Keynes, UK.  They have been purchasing conveying equipment from UniTrak Powderflight (Glossop, UK) for more than fifteen years.  In 2012, Beardow Adams decided to build a plant in Charlotte, NC to meet the needs of their North American customers, and approached UniTrak Corporation to provide equipment including Powderflight aeromechanical conveyors.  Much of the layout of the factory and the decision to use specific equipment came from the Plant Manager, not wanting to stray from a winning formula.


The design of the UK facility was initially based upon optimizing a small space, and they needed to find conveying equipment that would not only move their material quickly and efficiently, but also around other processes.  At the new USA plant, BeardowAdams, Inc. wanted to convey 22,000 pounds of various raw materials, over the course of 12 hours. They needed the conveyor to be fed from a bag dump station via a short screw feeder at ground level, and elevated and discharged into a large melting tank.


UniTrak recommended the Powderflight M-100 Multipath aeromechanical conveyor. With its heavy duty construction and configuration versatility Powderflight was the ideal choice. It easily handles this free-flowing material, in a dust-tight tube. The polymer mix allows for the throughput rate of 13 cubic feet per minute. Since Beardow Adams had several Powderflight installations at their UK plant, they felt very secure with their new order, and that the equipment was right for the job.

Final Outcome:

Beardow Adams, Inc. was once again satisfied with their purchase of the Powderflight aeromechanical conveyor and its overall performance and went on to order three additional Powderflights for the Charlotte plant within the following year. Upon placing the order, Operations Manager, Peter Gallivan said, “I know how good these machines are.” He added that a good preventative maintenance program is something that Beardow Adams believes in to make sure that all their equipment “is looked after and serviced regularly”;echoing the approach that our equipment works superbly when well cared for.

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