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Four Ways TipTrak Bucket Conveyors Reduce Costs and Increase ROI

August 23, 2018

When purchasing industrial equipment, several cost factors are generally considered to determine lifecycle Return on Investment (ROI). In this blog, we will explore four important ways TipTrak bucket conveyors from UniTrak reduce long-term costs and increase ROI.

#1: TipTrak bucket conveyors require less labour

TipTrak bucket conveyors offer unsurpassed long-term uptime reliability. Both planned and unplanned downtime are minimized with a TipTrak conveyor. The risk of unplanned downtime (breakdowns) are minimized due to thoughtfully tailored designs and a commitment to high-quality manufacturing. Planned downtime and routine maintenance are reduced by the rubber beltchain, which drives every TipTrak unit and requires absolutely no lubrication, tensioning or adjustment. The result is a conveyor that can operate with high reliability and consistency, for decades. This is a significant factor for determining lifecycle costs and long-term ROI.

#2: TipTrak bucket conveyors offer superior lifecycle and support

The expected operating life of an average TipTrak bucket conveyor is extremely long and measured in decades. Users can have peace of mind, knowing that replacement parts for their TipTrak unit will never be discontinued, no matter how long it remains in operation. There are even TipTrak conveyors in operation today which were first installed in the late 1960s! In addition, UniTrak service specialists are available to responsively answer any questions or even visit customer sites upon request for any hands-on support needs. UniTrak also offers same day shipping for most replacement parts and we are committed to providing accountable, responsive care throughout ownership of our equipment. Facilities that choose TipTrak bucket conveyors know they’re getting equipment that they can truly depend on for as long as they need. Long operating life and commitment to great post-sale support should be strong considerations when it comes to determining lifecycle costs and long-term ROI.

#3: TipTrak bucket conveyors contribute to better line dependability

TipTrak bucket conveyors are comprised of a lineup of high-performance equipment. Buyers need predictable throughput, reliable operating performance and responsive service and support. TipTrak conveyors achieve predicable throughput and high operating performance because each unit is tailored for performance in their particular application. Reinforcing this are the TipTrak rubber beltchain and non-spill interlocking bucket assembly. Responsive service and support is critical for ensuring fast spare parts turnaround and obtaining fast, helpful answers to any questions or concerns that may arise. Line dependability is yet another way TipTrak units represent strong long-term ROI.

#4: TipTrak bucket conveyors can achieve higher safety and less housekeeping

TipTrak conveyors minimize the need for cleanup and improve safety for people and facilities. This is achieved in two ways. Firstly, the interlocking bucket design of TipTrak minimizes spillage, which in turn reduces the need for cleanup. Secondly, TipTrak PEC (fully enclosed) and Monocoque (fully sealed and gastight) units control and contain dust. TipTrak PEC and Monocoque units are highly effective in applications where dust is either undesirable, or poses a threat to health and safety. TipTrak units can even be tailored for use in applications where explosion- and fire-related compliance is required. By offering greater safety and less routine cleanup, TipTrak bucket conveyors help reduce lifecycle costs and increase long-term ROI.

TipTrak bucket conveyors achieve very attractive long-term ROI for buyers. They do this by requiring less labour for monitoring and maintenance, incredibly long operating life, strong lifetime support, more operating line dependability, greater safety and less housekeeping. For more information about TipTrak bucket conveyors, please contact the sales team at UniTrak.

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