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Essential Spare Parts to Consider for your Conveying System

June 20, 2019

In previous blogs, we have emphasized the importance of keeping a sufficient bench stock of critical spare parts on hand to keep your conveying system up and running. Keeping these items on hand at all times means you can quickly respond to unplanned downtime events and be better positioned to restore downed equipment to productive operations quickly.

Essential spare parts to keep on hand at all times vary by conveyor type and source of manufacture. Many manufacturers provide a recommended spare parts list or offer service kits containing standby quantities of essential spare parts. In this blog, we present some general guidelines for conveying system spare parts that are useful to keep on hand; however, you should always consult your equipment OEM for their recommendations on the parts which should always be kept on hand.

Essential Spare Parts to Consider for your Conveying System


Bearing failure is a common cause of unplanned downtime in a conveying system. As explained below, faulty seals can allow dirt, dust and other contaminants can enter bearing housings, causing bearings to seize. For this reason, it is wise to frequently inspect bearing housings and seals, and keep a bench stock of replacement bearings on hand at all times.

Drive motors and gearmotors

Conveyor drive motors and gearmotors can fail for a variety of reasons, including overloading, overheating, and worn windings and components. While these items are not cheap, keeping a bench stock on hand can enable quick recovery in the event of a failure.

Drive assembly components

Drive assembly components used in a conveyor, such as drive chains or belts, as well as mounting components can fail due to aging and the stresses and strains of operation. Check with your equipment OEM for the drive assembly components that should be kept on hand at all times.

Inlet filters for drive motors

Another common cause of conveyor downtime is overheated drive motors due to the presence of dust, dirt and contaminants. Filters on motors should be frequently inspected and replaced when they show signs of dirt and contamination.

Dust collector filter bags and cartridges

Many plants have enclosed conveyors which are connected to their facility’s dust collection system. These systems can fail or perform sub-optimally when filter bags and cartridges become clogged with dust. Keeping a bench stock of these items on hand can assure quick recovery when the dust collection system fails.

Following these guidelines can help ensure you have the spare parts on hand needed to keep your conveying system up and running. Your equipment OEM can give you more detailed guidance about which parts are critical to keep on hand for your system.

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