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Conveyors for Cereal Processing

April 4, 2019

Cereal processing systems usually involve conveyors to move the product through the various stages of the production process. Key challenges that cereal processors often face when selecting conveyors for cereal processing include the following:

  • Gentle handling of product to prevent product degradation and damage.
  • Maintaining the blend integrity of blended product with no blend separation.
  • Hygienic conveying to prevent product contamination.
  • Screening of product to remove fines.
  • Filling and unloading of bulk bags.

Cereals are foods that are made from grain. According to the International Development Research Centre (IDRC), cereal grains are grown in greater quantities and provide more food energy worldwide than any other type of crop. Common grains that cereals are produced from include corn, rice, wheat, millet, oats, rye, and others.

Conveyors for cereal processing: solutions from UniTrak

UniTrak has over 50-years’ experience in helping cereal producers to surmount their conveying challenges. Conveyors for cereal processing that we can supply include the following:

TipTrak™ gentle handling continuous bucket elevators

TipTrak™ continuous bucket elevators are renowned for their gentle handling and spillage-free operation. Featuring fully interlocking buckets and the unique TipTrak™ rubber beltchain drive, these bucket elevators provide years of reliable service. For cereal processing, buyers can rely on TipTrak™ bucket elevators to move product without product degradation, blend separation or spillage. Available options that will be of interest to cereal producers include bucket knockers (discharge assist devices), Clean-In-Place (CIP) systems, cleanout drawers, and more.

KleanTrak sanitary belt conveyors

KleanTrak conveyors from UniTrak are cleated belt conveyors specifically engineered to overcome the challenges of sanitary conveying and minimize the risk of pathogen or allergen contamination. These conveyors are designed to allow easy cleaning in food, pharmaceutical, and other washdown environments. KleanTrak sanitary belt conveyors can operate at any angle to up to 90°. KleanTrak conveyors meet FDA and EU standards. These conveyors feature minimal horizontal surfaces and no hollow tubing, and have tool-free disassembly for fast and easy cleaning.

Powderflight aeromechanical conveyors

Powderflight conveyors can move large quantities of cereal product quickly and easily. Featuring a tubular assembly in which disks mounted onto a rope move at high speed, Powderflight aeromechanicals move powder cereal ingredients or small pellets along on a high velocity airstream. These conveyors provide complete material batch transfer of bulk products from single or multiple in-feed points with little or no damage.

Bagstander bulk bag fillers and unloaders

Bagstander bulk bag dischargers and bulk bag fillers are engineered to keep your operators safe during unloading or filling.With a frame built of heavy-gauge 3” or 4” square tubing, and with leg foot-plates lagged to the floor, Bagstanders are strong, rock-solid and immovable. For cereal handling operations, UniTrak will design a Bagstander to accommodate your processing line’s requirements—including standard screw conveyors or feeders, aeromechanical and flexible screw conveyors, bucket elevators, etc.

If you are a cereal producer that is seeking proven conveyors for cereal processing applications, UniTrak is your partner of choice. To find out more about our equipment lineup and how we can help your cereal processing operation, please contact our sales team directly.

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