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Conveyor Maintenance: Avoid Costly Conveyor Downtime with Service Kits

June 6, 2019

Conveyors are a vital but often overlooked element in a facility’s production system. Conveyor maintenance is often sacrificed to the realities of budget constraints and the availability of maintenance resources, resulting in a significantly increased risk of unplanned downtime and interruption of the material handling function.

In a perfect world, conveyor maintenance is carried out regularly and worn or broken parts are identified and replaced as they are discovered. However, despite the best maintenance practices, the unexpected can happen where something fails and brings a conveyor down. Keeping service kits on hand can help ensure that the needed parts are available, leading to a quick repair and a return to profitable operations.

What are conveyor service kits?

Conveyor service kits are designed to help production facilities maintain continuous operations. These kits contain quantities of key parts that help minimize downtime when an unplanned downtime event arises.

How does UniTrak support customers with service kits?

At UniTrak, we offer machine-specific service kits for each of our equipment types, allowing customers to have a ready supply of key conveyor parts on hand should an emergency arise. These kits offer the following advantages:

  • Our service kits contain genuine replacement parts, engineered and manufactured by UniTrak to ensure the proper, safe, and easy maintenance of your conveyor.
  • Our service kits are intelligent combinations of genuine replacement parts, thoughtfully assembled and packaged to streamline maintenance operations.
  • With our service kits, you can have a ready supply of critical operating parts always on-hand to ensure minimal downtime and uninterrupted operations.

Besides service kits, how does UniTrak support customers with conveyor maintenance and servicing?

UniTrak’s service products are customized and delivered at your premises by our expert service personnel who have an in-depth knowledge of your equipment and the application it is supporting. Our service products are divided into three portfolios, making it easy for you to select the right service product. Our service offerings include the following:

  • Replacement parts and service kits. With original replacement parts from UniTrak you can ensure your UniTrak conveyors will run with increased efficiency as well as fewer surprises and breakdowns. And with 24/7 delivery options you’ll get the parts you need sooner rather than later.
  • Repair and maintenance. Our repair and maintenance technicians can come onsite to resolve any issue you may have with your UniTrak equipment. With our detailed equipment and application knowledge, we can ensure a fast return to productive operations. We also offer service programs to provide pre-scheduled equipment maintenance and checks.
  • Commissioning and operation. We can thoroughly check all aspects of your installation and ensure that your UniTrak conveyor is performing at peak efficiency from day one. In addition, we can ensure optimal performance by training and supporting your operational and maintenance personnel.

For 50-years, UniTrak has been helping companies the world over solve their bulk solid materials handling challenges. To find out more about our equipment lines and how we can help with your conveyor maintenance and servicing needs, please contact our sales team directly.

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