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Aeromechanical Conveyors for Difficult-To-Handle Materials

July 20, 2017

The July, 2017 issue of Powder and Bulk Engineering magazine features an article by Nick Webber of UniTrak aimed at offering helpful advice to those needing to move difficult-to-handle materials.

Aeromechanical conveyors, such as Powderflight equipment from UniTrak, combine the simplicity and energy efficiency of conventional mechanical conveyors with the capacity and effectiveness of a pneumatic system. Due to their mode of operation, where the material is fluidized (moved by airflow) as it is conveyed, aeromechanical conveyors are a good equipment choice for moving difficult-to-handle materials.

In the article, Nick Webber explains the advantages of using aeromechanical conveyors for difficult-to-handle materials. He also highlights specific material examples where the use of an aeromechanical conveyor can be beneficial. To read the entire article from Powder and Bulk Engineering magazine, download the article PDF here.

Should you require further information on using aeromechanical conveyors for applications involving difficult-to-handle materials, the UniTrak sales team will be pleased to assist you.

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