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5 Challenges that Require a High-Care Bulk Material Conveyor

June 6, 2017

Every conveying application is different and each has its own unique challenges. For these reasons, conveyor designs need to be adapted and tailored to precisely fit each application’s requirements. An important category of applications that exists within the marketplace are those related to high-care processing, where addressing product integrity and difficult-to-handle materials is a key concern. Buyers should consider investing in a high-care bulk material conveyor when the following conditions exist:

1. The product being conveyed degrades easily

In many applications, the product being conveyed must be protected from damage and degradation. This includes products that are fragile, friable, and prone to breakage. In such applications, employing a high-care bulk material conveyor can provide the gentle handling that is required, assuring that product integrity is preserved as it travels through the conveyor.

2. The product is difficult-to-handle

Many products and materials can be characterized as difficult-to-handle. This includes those that are sticky, moist, tend to pack, cake or smear, accumulate static charges, etc. High-care bulk material conveyors are equipped with features and options that are especially designed to overcome these challenges.

TipTrak Bucket Conveyor, UniTrak’s High Care Bulk Material Conveyor

3. Blend/mix integrity must be preserved

Some processes, especially batch-type, require blend or mix consistency and integrity to be preserved as product is conveyed from one process to another, such as from a mixer to packaging. High-care bulk material conveyors feature designs and features that ensure the preservation of blend integrity.

4. Product dusting is a concern

Some products and materials create dust and fines when moved. These can exacerbate the risk of dust deposition and explosion. High-care conveyors offer fully enclosed designs and optional connection to dust control systems, or integral self-contained dust collectors.

5. Material spillage is a concern

Product spills from a conveyor require cleanup and unnecessary downtime and costs. High-care conveyors offer designs that prevent or reduce the amount of product spillage when material is moved.

6. Other concerns

If safety risks such as hazardous or explosive risks are present, if contamination or cleanability is a concern, or if the equipment must be resistant to a lot of wear and tear or continuous use, a high-care bulk material conveyor is the right solution.

Choosing a high-care bulk material conveyor will ensure a superior return on investment compared to standard conveyors. High-care units provide assured throughput, consistent product quality, less downtime, and longer equipment life. Compared to standard units, operating costs are lower, performance is higher, and less risk is incurred. Because of these advantages, high-care conveyors are a preferred choice where product integrity and trouble-free material handling are key concerns.

To learn more about High Care conveying solutions, or to speak with an application expert, contact our sales department.

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