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Antacid Tablets

In this case, UniTrak worked with a world leading multi-national research-based pharmaceutical company. Upon seeing our TipTrak™ bucket conveyor in action, this company immediately recognized that it could be customized to address the conveying challenges that they were currently up against.

When they inquired about our equipment back in 2010 at a trade show, they were looking to replace an existing process that had many issues. Upon seeing our TipTrak™ bucket conveyor in action, they immediately recognized  that it could be customized to address the conveying challenges that they were currently up against.

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  • Customer: Multi-National Pharma Research
  • Industry: Food, Chemical
  • Materials: Antacid Tablets
  • Equipment: TT500 Open TipTrak™ Bucket Conveyor

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01 - challenges

In the facility that our customer was updating in St. Louis, MO, they needed to replace a belt conveyor with spillage issues. Product loss & damage was becoming a real problem and it was cutting into their bottom line.

The product antacid tablets, was quite dusty and they needed a conveyor to contain the dust and ensure that it did not return to the factory floor, coming in contact with employees. Additional operator protection in the form of personnel guarding was important as the existing belt conveyors were dubbed too dangerous.

One of the most important requests from the client was that the conveyor needed to be cleaned and often outside of the production area. This meant that the conveyor needed to be portable.


02 - challenges

With all of these product and application constraints, we needed to have a thorough application review to ensure that the recommendations that we were proposing could address all of their requirements.

The review resulted in recommending our Open Tubular TT500 TipTrak™. Since the required capacity was 2000lbs/hr, one of our smaller more compact units could easily move that amount of product.

Product integrity was a top priority for this application. The tablets being conveyed needed to be moved both gently and slowly. These freeflowing tablets were prone to bounce so two custom modifications were
added to the TipTrak™ to help to minimize spillage & breakage during the process. Clean-out drawers were added under the lower horizontal section in order to ensure that if occasional spillage occurred, the tablets
would not litter the production line floor. And at the discharge, a specially designed custom rectangular to round chute (with Tri-Clover ® sanitary fitting) was added with an allowance for interior “easy let down” guides.

In many cases where dust containment is vital, we recommend our dusttight units, however, in this case we were able to satisfy this with lexan covers on our Open unit with custom dust collection. Two dust collection connections were fitted with a hard pipe from the ports to a common, single ( easily accessible ) connection to the in house dust collector. The lexan covers had two purposes; one was to act as guards to protect the operators while still having the ability to see the product conveying but to also contain the dust. With the addition of key-operated draw latches, the unit can have these removed for easy access and  cleanability.

As mentioned above, to ability to clean this unit thoroughly was vitally important to this application. So in addition to dust collection, clean out drawers and being a stainless steel unit, we made the entire TipTrak™
portable. Four casters – two swivel with locks and two rigid were added to the base so that it could be taken out of the production line and cleaned in a separate area.

Finally, the unit was fully wired – ready to plug in and operate with a stainless steel control panel with VFD.

Challenges and Solutions for Antacid Tablets


03 - challenges

With such specific requirements including portability, dust collection, sanitary – no other conveyor could have met these as easily as our TipTrak™ did. As an extension of our after sales support, our Sales Representative for the St. Louis area, made themselves available onsite for installation. This extra follow-through post sales, was to ensure that this custom unit did in fact meet all of their needs.

The customer issued a second PO two months later for an additional 6 more units to satisfy his production line.

Image 1 shows the custom discharge chute with the easy let down guides.

Image 2 details the Open tubular unit with the Lexan covers for easy viewing of the product but also personnel protection from dust.

Image 3 – clean out drawers at the base of the unit

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