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Three Things You Didn’t Know About TipTrak Bucket Elevators

June 21, 2018

When it comes to application-tailored conveying, TipTrak™ bucket elevator conveyors have been a flagship product around the globe for over 45 years. With its unsurpassed quality, ongoing innovation and many other advantages, it’s no wonder this lineup has stood the test of time. In this article, we’ll explore three things you might not know about TipTrak™ bucket elevators.

#1: TipTrak’s rubber beltchain eliminates chain maintenance without compromising reliability

At the heart of every TipTrak™ bucket elevator conveyor is an aircraft cable-reinforced rubber beltchain. This technology eliminates the need for routine tensioning and lubrication without compromising reliability of performance compared to traditional metal chains. Additionally, the rubber beltchain allows the TipTrak™ bucket elevator to operate much more quietly than conveyors with metal chains. TipTrak’s rubber chain can be made of a variety of useful compounds to make it more conductive or resistant to chemicals and temperatures. The use of rubber beltchain technology means that the TipTrak™ helps reduce overall line noise, maintenance and other risks posed by lubricants and other contaminants.

#2: Every TipTrak™ bucket elevator is supported with guaranteed availability of spare parts for its entire operating life

UniTrak believes strongly in not only providing equipment of the utmost quality and application fit, but also in superior support for the entire life of the equipment. One of the ways we support our customers is with our parts availability guarantee. No matter how long your unit remains in operation, we will not discontinue the parts you need. Adding to guaranteed availability, we also ship the vast majority of spare parts within 24 hours of receiving a customer order. The result is less downtime, less hassle, less risk, and a more reliable and seamless operation for our customers.

#3: TipTrak™ bucket elevators last a LONG time

The operating life of a properly maintained TipTrak™ bucket elevator is measured in decades. Today, there are TipTrak units in operation which were installed as far back as 1967, and which still run dependably today. It’s a testament to UniTrak’s commitment to quality, to the ongoing availability of compatible spare parts, and to the nature of the impressive TipTrak™ technology platform as a whole. Processors and producers deserve equipment that contribute to the dependability and longevity of their overall operations, not ones that detract from it. Our customers know that with TipTrak™ their managers, operators and maintenance staff have one less thing to worry about, one less risk to manage, and one less thing to keep them up at night.


TipTrak™ bucket elevators are a staple in the world of bespoke conveyors. Designed by a highly experienced team to perfectly fit each application, and supported by a company dedicated to customer satisfaction, TipTrak™ is here to stay. Armed with the rubber beltchain, a parts availability guarantee, and impressively long operating life, TipTrak™ is the preferred choice for companies who view their equipment as a long-term investment in dependable operation for their facilities.

For more information about TipTrak™ bucket elevators, please contact our sales team.

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