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Three Things You Didn’t Know About TipTrak Bucket Elevators

November 11, 2020

For the past 50 years, bulk material manufacturers around the world have relied on UniTrak’s flagship TipTrak™ bucket elevator conveyor to gently and effectively convey their products. The TipTrak’s unsurpassed quality and innovative technology has stood the test of time. You already know TipTrak is dependable — here are three other facts you might not have considered.

#1: TipTrak’s rubber beltchain eliminates maintenance — without compromising reliability

At the heart of every TipTrak bucket elevator conveyor is an aircraft cable-reinforced rubber beltchain, which is made in our own production plant in Port Hope. This proprietary technology eliminates the need for routine tensioning — without compromising performance reliability. The rubber beltchain also enables the TipTrak to operate more quietly than metal chain alternatives, reducing overall line noise, to less than 80dB. Constructed from a variety of useful compounds, TipTrak’s rubber chain is more resistant to chemicals and temperatures, with a greater ability to withstand lubricants and contaminants. It can also be wet-washed, as this chain does not need any lubrication, and the cables are type 304 stainless steel.

#2: Every TipTrak™ bucket elevator is supported with guaranteed availability of spare parts for its entire life

UniTrak doesn’t just believe in providing the highest quality equipment. We also believe in superior support for the entire life of that equipment. One of the many ways we support our customers is with our parts availability guarantee. No matter how long your unit remains in operation, we will not discontinue the parts you need. Adding to guaranteed availability, we also ship the vast majority of spare parts within 24 hours of receiving a customer order. The result is a more reliable and seamless operation for our customers, with less downtime, hassle and risk.

#3: TipTrak™ bucket elevators last a long time

A properly maintained TipTrak bucket elevator can last for decades. Today, there are TipTrak units in operation which were installed as far back as 1967, and which still run dependably as the day they were installed. It’s a testament to UniTrak’s commitment to quality, to the ongoing availability of compatible spare parts, and to the nature of the TipTrak technology platform as a whole. Processors and producers deserve equipment that contributes to the longevity of their overall operations. Our customers know that TipTrak’s dependability affords peace of mind to their managers, operators and maintenance staff alike.

Back to you

TipTrak is the preferred choice for companies who view their equipment as a long-term investment in the dependable operation for their facilities. With an innovative rubber beltchain and impressively long operating life — backed by a parts availability guarantee to keep things running — TipTrak has become a staple in the world of bespoke conveyors. Designed by a highly experienced team to perfectly fit each application — and supported by a company dedicated to customer satisfaction — TipTrak is here for the long haul.

Ready to put TipTrak to work for you? Contact our sales team to learn how TipTrak can improve your production line.

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