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Integrated Conveyor Systems for Elevating Materials

May 22, 2018

Conveyor systems are the backbone of many automated solutions for handling bulk solid materials. Integrated conveyor systems are turnkey solutions that combine a conveyor with a variety of other equipment to successfully address the material handling needs of a particular project or application. Because there is an art and science to systems integration, creating an effective solution requires a supplier to have both the know-how and experience needed for bringing together equipment and controls into a well-functioning package. If you are interested in learning about how integrated conveyor systems for elevating materials are developed and supplied by UniTrak, please read on!

Designing and developing the right systems solution is about more than just the physical equipment itself. At UniTrak, we believe that the value we deliver is grounded in the relationship we build with each customer to recommend the right equipment in the right combination that creates a fully effective solution. In designing and developing integrated conveyor systems for elevating materials, we relentlessly focus on all aspects of a customer’s process to ensure that we supply an optimal solution that satisfies all the application requirements.

As a simple illustration of how UniTrak creates integrated conveyor systems for elevating materials, consider the following example of a customer who required a system for handling and transferring inbound vermiculite product on to the next phase of their production process.

This particular customer needed to unload incoming bulk bags of vermiculite product on the first floor of their production facility and then move the product on to a mixer installed on the third floor. Addressing this challenge required UniTrak to consider all the application requirements, including the following:

  • The particular type of conveyor that would be required to effectively handle the vermiculite product and transfer it at the required rate.
  • How the incoming bulk bags could be safely and efficiently handled and unloaded for direct feeding into the conveyor.
  • How vermiculite product from the unloaded bulk bags would be fed into the conveyor at a regulated rate and without any interruption to the material flow.
  • How the product would be transferred to the mixer without any spillage or degradation.
  • How the product would be effectively discharged into the mixer.

The integrated system solution that UniTrak developed for this customer consisted of the following equipment:

  • TipTrak™ S-2 PEC conveyor for moving the vermiculite to the mixer on the third floor.
  • Bagstander bulk bag unloader to unload the bulk bags for direct feeding into the conveyor.
  • A vibratory feeder to regulate and control the flow of vermiculite into the conveyor.

These equipment components were combined into a turnkey system that automated the process of unloading and transferring the product onto the next phase of the production process.

Other integrated conveyor system projects we have serviced at UniTrak are much more complex than this example. Servicing more complex projects often requires combining a wider range of primary and ancillary equipment with effective controls such as specialized feeders, diverter valves and slide gates, control panels, weighing devices (scales and load cells), etc. Conveying platforms that we often build integrated systems around include our TipTrak™ bucket elevators, Powderflight aeromechanical conveyors, and UniFlex flexible screw conveyors.

If you are seeking integrated conveyor systems for elevating materials, UniTrak is your equipment partner of choice. In every systems project, we are with you throughout the process of creating your system and managing the project. Our integrated systems solutions are all about combining our applications expertise with the art and science behind the solution, all supported by a dedicated and experienced team. To find out more about how UniTrak can help develop a systems solution for your material handling needs, please contact our sales team directly.

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