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Explosion-proof bucket conveyor: Monocoque TipTrak™

June 3, 2015

Like most other types of conveying equipment, bucket conveyors are not immune to the risk of explosion when conveying certain types of bulk materials. To mitigate the risk of explosion in susceptible applications, an explosion-proof bucket conveyor, such as the Monocoque TipTrak™ should be selected.

When conveying powder and bulk materials, the risk of an explosion is real when the material being conveyed has a propensity to give off fine dust. In such conditions, the presence of a spark or flame can lead to a dust explosion. The consequences of such explosions can be severe, even catastrophic, resulting in possible loss of life and significant facility damage.

Certain bulk materials, such as sugar or flour, are prone to giving off a dust that is as likely to cause an explosion as the presence of chemical fumes. In addition, products such as TNT, rocket propellant, black powder, ammonium nitrate and sodium azide, are inherently explosive and great care must be taken when conveying the materials. In these cases, using an explosion-proof bucket conveyor is essential for ensuring that the product does not spark or ignite when conveyed.

The Monocoque TipTrak™ is especially designed to prevent the occurrence of explosions. The term “monocoque” refers to a unique design and construction type that eliminates two factors that often cause explosions: dust and static discharge.

Monocoque TipTrak™ explosion-proof bucket conveyor: eliminates dust and static discharge through the following design and construction features:

  • The fully enclosed design, with gasketing between sections and around all access doors, ensures dust-tight operation;
  • The polymer interlocking bucket assembly provides electrically conductive contiguous electrical grounding;
  • Explosion-proof motors and explosion vent panels provide additional safety and protection against the risk of explosion.
  • With the exception of at the infeed into the conveyor and at the discharge from the conveyor, dusting is completely eliminated

A key feature of Monocoque Tiptrak™ is the rubber beltchain and bucket assembly. In particular, the conductive buckets, joint strips, and rubber beltchain means that any possibility of ferrous sparking is eliminated when the unit is operated. In addition, the possibility of static charge buildup is equally eliminated, ensuring the absence of any potential for sparking during normal operation. Polyester rods, standard in other TipTrak models, are replaced in the Monocoque Tiptrak™ with stainless steel rods to maintain electrical continuity and dissipate any static charge which may be generated. In addition, each section of the Monocoque TipTrak™ is fitted with ground straps to further ensure that any static charge which may build up is drained off throughout the system.

Explosion-Proof motors
Rubber “beltchain”
Fully enclosed with  dust-tight gasketing

By virtue of its fully enclosed construction and the features noted above, Monocoque TipTrak™ goes beyond merely eliminating static discharge to provide a fully explosion-proof bucket conveyor. Monocoque TipTrak™ is an explosion-proof bucket conveyor that has proven itself in numerous applications where the risk of explosion is real and must be prevented.

If you have an application where the risk of explosion must be mitigated, a UniTrak application specialist will be pleased to speak with you about the advantages of a Monocoque TipTrak™ explosion-proof bucket conveyor. Please contact us directly by phone or on our Request a Quote Form or via the representative in your area for further assistance and information.



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