Conveyors for High Wear Applications

5 Key Considerations when Buying Conveyors for High Wear Applications

May 4th, 2017
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Conveyors for high wear applications, require special considerations to achieve needed durability, reliability and longevity and are called Severe Service applications. For some manufacturing plants, standard durability conveyors cannot provide adequate longevity or reliability in operation. For these heavy-duty applications, a specialized solution is needed. Reasons you should consider Conveyors for High Wear Applications: 1. […]

Conveying Sulphur

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Sulphur can be an especially challenging material to convey. Sulphur dust suspended in the air can ignite and explode, and the material is also corrosive and abrasive. In addition, some forms of sulphur are non-free flowing and may pack or cake when being moved. All of these issues combine to make safe and effective handling […]

Severe Service Bucket Elevators

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Companies that process bulk materials face a number of unique challenges. Some of these challenges can threaten the integrity or the quality of materials being processed and thus require special care. This is particularly true for processors of foods, chemicals and other valuable materials. The most challenging applications are referred to as “severe service” applications. […]

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