Gummy bears - Sticky Materials

Sticky materials and products present manufacturers and processors with unique material conveying challenges. Handling sticky materials and products can be tricky and time consuming. Material build up can significantly erode productivity and throughput, requiring frequent equipment stoppages and cleaning. UniTrak equipment can be customerized with options to reduce the losses associated with conveying sticky materials.

Equipment choices for sticky materials

Materials and products may adhere because they are inherently sticky, because of the presence of moisture, or due to the build up of a static charge. Our equipment can be engineered and tailored to address the handling of sticky materials. For example, TipTrak™ bucket conveyors can be outfitted with electrically conductive buckets to dissipate static charge build up, or equipped with a bucket knocker to effectively discharge sticky and gummy materials.

Examples of sticky materials that our equipment successfully conveys include:

  • Non-Food
    • Potting soil; plastics; pastilles; wax flakes; crumb rubber; struvite.
  • Food
    • Gummy bears; fruits and vegetables; granola; sweetened coconut; sugar; tea; candy sprinkles; soluble coffee; jelly bean centers; roasted nuts; sliced garlic; fresh pasta; trail mix.


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