awdust - Non Free Flowing materials

Materials can be rendered non-free flowing due to a variety of factors, including irregular particle shapes, the presence of fats or oils, static attraction, or moisture absorption. When conveyed, these materials may tend to agglomerate into larger masses that can impede flow and create erratic throughput.

Equipment choices for non-free flowing materials

Successfully conveying non-free flowing materials requires not only conveying equipment designed for the job, but the accumulated experience and expertise of a proven equipment supplier such as UniTrak.

Examples of non-free flowing materials that our equipment handles include the following:

TipTrak™ Bucket Conveyors

  • Non-Food
    • Fiberglass; ice melt pellets; loose shredded hay; uncoated pellets; treated sawdust fiber.
  • Food
    • Confectionery; green coffee beans; sweetened coconut; pet food treats; tea.

Powderflight Aeromechanical Conveyors

  • Non-Food
    • Adipic acid; cement; cupric oxide; fly ash; quicklime; melamine powder; plaster dust; polyethylene resin; refractory powder; titanium dioxide; urea.
  • Food
    • Feed supplements; flour.

UniFlex Flexible Screw Conveyors

  • Food
    • Feed supplement; rice flour; protein powder.





Pet Food Snacks

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