Granola - Mixtures and Blends

UniTrak equipment is engineered to ensure that the consistency of your mixes and blends is maintained, ensuring high product quality, customer satisfaction, and the minimization of re-work and scrap.

Equipment choices for mixes and blends

A TipTrak™ bucket conveyor is the equipment of choice when conveying mixes and blended bulk materials. Unlike pneumatic or screw conveyors, TipTrak™ bucket conveyors preserve the blend consistency from infeed to discharge.

Examples of mixed materials and blends that our equipment effectively conveys include:

  • Non-Food
    • Battery mix; re-blend of urea and other products; soil amendment blend; starch mix for printing; cement mix.
  • Food
    • Trail mix; soup mix; granary mix; confectionery mix; mixed vegetables; coffee/cocoa mixes; granola; blended flour; sugar blends; flour and other ingredients.
Avoiding Spillage conveying animal feed ingredients


Cast Polyurethanes




Frozen Fruit


Animal Feeds

Case Studies

Take an exclusive look into specific conveying challenges we have helped solve over the past 45 years. Put your mind at ease that we can solve your application challenge.

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