Minerals and Resources

Conveying particulate solids is a particular requirement of companies operating in the minerals and resources sector. Our equipment is especially well-suited for conveying bulk minerals and resource materials, including precious metals, mineral concentrates, crushed rock and aggregates.


Conveying minerals and resources poses unique challenges. Not only must the material be conveyed efficiently, with minimal degradation and spillage, but often dust must be contained during conveyance. To address this specific challenge, choosing equipment with a dust-tight design, such as our TipTrak™ monocoque bucket conveyor or Powderflight Aeromechanical, is the solution of choice.

For over 45 years, we have helped solve the most pressing challenges in conveying bulk particulate solids. Our reliable, low-maintenance equipment solutions have been proven for decades in many industries, and have been used to successfully convey precious metals, sulphide ore concentrates, sand, bentonite, etc. Visit our equipment page to see the various equipment solutions we can supply to solve your particular bulk material conveying challenge!