Products containing moisture, oils or fats are especially prone to packing, caking and smearing. The constituent materials in these products are often difficult to handle and convey as a result.

Conveying products that tend to pack, cake or smear is a prevalent challenge in the food industry. Mixes, such as those for cake, muffins and pancakes are especially hard to handle due to the propensity of the particles of the product to bind together. In the chemical industry, titanium dioxide is a notoriously difficult-to-handle product as it will tend to pack and cake when conveyed. Finally, the frictional heat generated during conveying may cause products such as wax flakes and chewing gum resin to bind and pack.

Equipment choices for materials that pack, cake and smear

For more than four decades, UniTrak has helped companies solve their toughest bulk materials conveying challenges. The TipTrak™ bucket conveyors can be precisely configured and tailored to ensure the successful conveying of products that tend to pack, cake and smear. To find out more about how we can solve your difficult-to-handle material challenge, contact one of our Application Specialists.

Materials that Pack, Cake & Smear

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