Cookies - Fragile Materials

Ensuring product integrity as it travels from one process to another is often one of the biggest challenges faced in bulk material conveying. Whether it is in the food or chemical industries, customers need their product to have a damage-free ride. Gentle handling of product is especially critical when it is necessary to convey friable and fragile materials and minimize product degradation or damage.

Equipment choices for friable materials

For over 45 years, UniTrak has been committed to perfecting the smoothest ride possible for your product. In particular, our TipTrak™ bucket conveyor line has been specifically designed for the gentle handling of a wide variety of bulk materials, while our Powderflight aeromechanical conveyors are well suited for gently conveying powders and granules.

Examples of friable materials that our equipment handles include:

  • Non-Food
    • Vegetable, grass and other coated seeds; fertilizers; catalyst and ceramic catalyst carriers; stabilizer pastilles; friable pellets; metal crystals; sulphur flakes, prills and pastilles; explosives (TNT flakes, ammonium nitrate, black powder, propellant, wetted TBP).
  • Food
    • Cookies; pita chips; cereal flakes; whole bean, agglomerated and freeze dried coffee; pellet gum; ice cubes; frozen fruit and vegetables; dry pasta; fish food pellets; extruded pet food; pet treats; vitamins and other OTC pharma products; potato chips/crisps and other snack food; shelled and roasted nuts; popped corn.


TipTrak for Fragile Applications


For Fragile Applications

TipTrak in Ostara layout


Antacid Tablets



Case Studies

Take an exclusive look into specific conveying challenges we have helped solve over the past 45 years. Put your mind at ease that we can solve your application challenge.

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