Coloured Gum - Free Flowing Materials

Free flowing materials, such as pastilles, powders, pellets, pills, granules and flakes, can sometimes present challenges in dry bulk solids conveying. Some of these materials, such as light bulk density fine powders, can be extremely free flowing when aerated and may tend to fluidize when conveyed. In these types of material applications, equipment choice is critical, together with precise integration to upstream and downstream equipment, to achieve consistent throughput.

Equipment choices for free flowing materials

Examples of free-flowing material applications that our equipment handles includes the following:

TipTrak™ Bucket Conveyors

  • Non-Food
    • Aluminum oxide; catalyst; coated fertilizer; crushed clay; soda ash; wet-chopped strand fiberglass.
  • Food
    • Freeze dried coffee; whole roasted coffee beans; panned confectionary; some frozen vegetables.

Powderflight Aeromechanical Conveyors

  • Non-Food
    • Adipic acid; cement; cupric oxide; fly ash; lime powder; melamine powder; plaster dust; polyethylene resin; refractory powder; urea.
  • Food
    • Bran and sugar mix; coffee beans; hemp hearts.

Conveying Free Flowing White Powder

See how powders enter the TipTrak from a vibratory feeder and convey with ease.

Potter Group - Aeromechanicals Filling Tankers Avoiding Spillage Brewery conveyor conveying animal feed ingredients


Antacid Tablets


Hot Melt Adhesives


Cosmetic Powders


Frozen Fruit


Pet Food Snacks


Malt & Brewery


Animal Feeds

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