At UniTrak, we help processors to surmount the dusting challenges associated with conveying powders with two bucket conveyor designs: TipTrak™ PEC and TipTrak™ Monocoque. Both of these equipment designs can successfully handle dusting challenges.

Dusty Materials our equipment has handled

TipTrak Bucket Elevator:
Food: Antacid tablets, Granola, Barley – whole green, Bird seed, Breakfast cereal, Calcium, Candy sprinkles, Chili powder,
Sodium bicarbonate, Flaxseed – milled, Oats – rolled, Onion-dehydrated, Coffee – whole bean,

Non-food: Struvite, Sulphide ore, Concentrate Sulphur granules, Urea, Wood pellets & chips, Fish protein, Clay-crushed, Gun powder, Kitty litter, Metal crystals, Miscanthus grass, Potting soil, Fiberglass

Powderflight Aeromechanical Conveyors:

Food:Coffee – soluble, Cornstarch, Flour, Hemp protein powder, Oat bran, Sugar- agglomerated, Sugar- granulated, Tea, Whey powder,

Non-Food: Non-Food Alumina- activated, Alumina-calcined, Chrome oxide, Detergent, Perlite, Phenolicresin, Platinum, palladium, Polycrystalline silicon, Resin & Plasticizers, Silica-fumed Silvinita



For Dusty Applications

Potter Group - Aeromechanicals Filling Tankers


Antacid Tablets


Cast Polyurethanes


Cosmetic Powders

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Case Studies

Take an exclusive look into specific conveying challenges we have helped solve over the past 45 years. Put your mind at ease that we can solve your application challenge.

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