In many applications, preserving the integrity of the material being conveyed is critical. For example, in food processing, it is essential to prevent contaminants from entering the product stream. Similarly, some chemicals will react negatively should they inadvertently come into contact with other materials, or oxygen present in the atmosphere. In other cases, the material being conveyed must be kept completely dry and free from moisture absorption or contact.

Equipment choices for contamination-sensitive materials

Addressing contamination challenges requires equipment that is precisely adapted and tailored to safeguard the product being conveyed. Both our TipTrak™ bucket conveyors and Powderflight aeromechanical conveyors can be precisely configured and tailored to ensure the contamination-free conveyance of product. For example, our TipTrak™ bucket conveyor can be supplied in a pressure-tight monocoque design, which effectively keeps unwanted contaminants at bay.

To find out more about how we can safeguard your product from unwanted contaminants during conveying, contact one of our Application Specialists.

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