Easy Clean UniFlex: Increased sanitary design



Available since 2012, the Easy Clean UniFlex flexible screw conveyor has the answer for those looking for a conveyor that can be disassembled and cleaned with ease.  Now in 2015, several new improvements make the Easy Clean, easier than ever!

Cleaning and sanitation just got easier with the newly improved Easy Clean UniFlex by UniTrak.

      1. The Easy Clean UniFlex is now more tool-less than ever, making cleaning even easier
      2. A hinged cover allows easy access to the pin holding the auger weldment captive in the coupling, for quick auger removal
      3. The conveyor now equipped with two rest stops, for both the working and cleaning positions. Incorporated in these rests are pinning mechanisms to keep the auger assembly securely in position
      4. When cleaning, the casing is easily removed using quick disconnect tri-clover clamps
      5. A new, improved portable tubular frame allows for an increased discharge elevation.
      6. Improvements to the design of the conical hopper results in a higher volumetric capacity without increasing the infeed elevation.
      7. The addition of an interlock switch, mounted near the hopper, protects operators by automatically shutting down the auger when it is moved out of the working position. The switch will be wired directly into the control panel, and comes standard on all Easy Clean UniFlex conveyors.
      8. A stainless steel bead-blasted finish gives the equipment a unique, clean, and uniform finish that stands out!
      9. As always, stainless steel gas struts pivot the unit from the working position to the cleaning position effortlessly and easily; talk about low power consumption!


According to Engineering Team member Robert Brown, “The most important added features are the definitely the shaft coupling/hinged coupling cover and the interlock switch. Before, we used a spider coupling that required an allen key to disconnect. And to even get at it, that you had to unbolt the lexan cover. Now the cover hinges, so you can get at the coupling and it uses a removable pin instead!

For more information about these improvements, please contact our head office 1-905-885-8168 or contact US Sales Manager Julie Shipp at julieshipp@unitrak.com


Jan 15th, 2016
9:34 AM

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Jan 11th, 2016
10:53 AM


Overlapping buckets or a pivoting bucket system would allow for a multiple discharge at many points, whereas the interlocking would have a single discharge and be required to enter into an additional conveyor to add a second discharge point.

Nov 23rd, 2015
5:36 PM

Kael Drake

You mentioned in your article that interlocking buckets are generally better than overlapping bucket systems. Like you said, it reduces spillage, increases product yields (due to a lack of product spillage) and avoids the need for clean up. My question is: are there situations in which an overlapping bucket system is better than an interlocking system? From what I have read here, I can't think of a reason to not opt for the interlocking bucket option. Perhaps moving solid products would be better with the overlapping buckets?

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