aeromechanical conveyors for moving cohesive materials

Aeromechanical Conveyors for Moving Cohesive Materials

Nov 30th, 2017
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Category: Powderflight Aeromechanical Conveyor

Aeromechanical conveyors are an extremely versatile equipment option for a variety of applications. Aeromechanical conveyors are used to move a wide array of materials, including everything from tea leaves and coffee beans to brewery malt, as well as a variety of other materials used in the chemical, mineral, food, pharmaceutical, plastics and rubber industries, and […]

Conveying Hot Melt Adhesive Pellets and Chips

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Hot melt adhesive pellets and chips are widely used in many production facilities to apply glue to products and packaging. The use of hot melt adhesive pellets and chips has resulted in reduced waste, greater process efficiency, and improved product and packaging quality. In this blog we look at two application challenges involving conveying hot […]

Bucket Conveyor Dust Explosions: Controlling Ignition Sources to Reduce Risk

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Bucket conveyors are commonly used to vertically transport materials in many industrial processes. How typical bucket conveyors accept, move and discharge material makes this equipment type more prone to dust explosions than other conveyor types. This is especially true for centrifugal bucket conveyors, where the higher rate of speed contributes to increased dust creation and […]

Safely Conveying Sulphur Pellets and Prills

A grade of sulphur that is often used in industrial processes is the pellet or prill form of the element. Sulphur pellets are used in rubber vulcanization and the production of asphalt and bitumen, detergents, dyes, explosives, fertilizers, insecticides, and other products. Sulphur is also widely used as a bleaching agent in the production of […]

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