What is the Most Efficient Bulk Material Conveyor?

Jun 22nd, 2017
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At UniTrak, we supply bulk material conveyors for applications where the required equipment capacity is 3,000 cubic feet per hour or less. There are many technology types available when it comes to choosing a conveyor for these types of applications. A common question from customers is which technology type is the most efficient. The answer […]

5 Challenges that Require a High-Care Bulk Material Conveyor

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Every conveying application is different and each has its own unique challenges. For these reasons, conveyor designs need to be adapted and tailored to precisely fit each application’s requirements. An important category of applications that exists within the marketplace are those related to high-care processing, where addressing product integrity and difficult-to-handle materials is a key […]

Bulk Material Conveyors: Should Your Product be Tested Before Buying?

When customers approach UniTrak about sourcing bulk material conveyors, we are often asked if a product test should be performed. While a test may not be necessary in every buying situation, a good product test can ensure that the right conveyor is selected and potential misapplication issues in the field avoided. When is it Appropriate […]

When Do You Need a Severe Service Bucket Elevator?

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Some bulk material conveying applications involve abrasive or corrosive materials, extreme temperatures and operating conditions, abusive loading or heavy-duty running. These severe service conditions expose equipment to greater stress and wear and tear. Using a bucket elevator designed for general service in these more demanding applications can result in more unplanned downtime, more frequent maintenance […]

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