Granular Sugar Conveying Systems

Granular Sugar Conveying Systems

In conveying applications, granular sugar can be considered as a difficult-to-handle material. If you have an application involving sugar, it is important to carefully consider your choice of conveying equipment – choosing the wrong equipment can have significant consequences. Granular Sugar Conveying Systems: Challenges As a material, granulated or pelletized sugar has the following handling […]

Bucket Elevators & Bulk Bag Handlers for Crumb Rubber Production

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Crumb rubber, produced from recycled scrap tires, is an interesting product with an increasing variety of uses. Fine-grind crumb rubber, including the powder form, is used as an input material for the manufacture of molded products and in the production of paving-grade asphalt for roads and driveways. Uses for crumb rubber consisting of larger particle […]

Bulk Bag Dischargers Contain Fugitive Dust Emissions

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Emptying bulk bags, or Flexible Intermediate Bulk Containers (FIBC), can be a dusty process, depending upon the material being handled. Dusting can occur as material exits the bulk bag during emptying, or when an emptied bag is being withdrawn from the discharger. In the latter case, residual material which has collected in the heels of […]

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