bins and hoppers for aeromechanicall and flexible screw conveyors

Bins and Hoppers for Aeromechanical and Flexible Screw Conveyors

Jan 11th, 2018
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Bins and hoppers are often used in conjunction with aeromechanical and flexible screw conveyors. These types of conveyors are often fed by material stored within a bin or hopper, and they may also discharge material into a bin or hopper. In such systems, achieving consistent material flow requires using bins and hoppers whose design is […]

Conveying Flammable Solids in a Bucket Elevator

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Many facilities are using continuous bucket elevators to convey dusty materials. Whenever dusty materials are being conveyed, concerns arise about the risk of an explosion or fire. In previous blogs, we have discussed how intelligent equipment design and operation can greatly reduce the risk of a dust explosion occurring within a bucket elevator. In this […]

Continuous Bucket Elevators: Tips for a Successful Installation

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Continuous bucket elevators are often a critical piece of equipment within a process flow. Installing a new elevator correctly is essential for a successful start-up and safe and reliable operation. Companies have several options available for installing continuous bucket elevators. While many equipment OEM’s offer varying levels of services for the installation and commissioning of […]

Positive Discharge Bucket Elevators: Rubber vs. Metal Drive Chains

Most positive discharge bucket elevators available in the marketplace today are driven by metal chains. In these elevators, a series of overlapping buckets are attached at intervals to a pair of metal chains. While metal chain designs vary from manufacturer, many designs incorporate sprockets with a solid bearing pin and rollers for guiding and gearing […]

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