Bucket conveyor: Open TipTrak™

Our most popular solution (for many good reasons)

Our base model Open TipTrak bucket elevator is the workhorse of choice if you're not moving dangerous materials, or where a controlled environment is not required.

Simplest form, identical function
 All TipTrak™ bucket elevator conveyors have the same hard-working, super-efficient heart and guts.

In all ways, the Open TipTrak™ delivers on our promise of the gentlest handling, the least spillage, the lowest possible maintenance, and the quietest operation of any mechanical elevating device.

Open TipTrak™ bucket conveyor—advantages and options

  • Very easy to clean
  • Constant eyeball monitoring of your operation
  • Carbon steel or stainless steel
  • Square tubing or round


 Where required, personnel guards can be fitted to meet government safety standards and still provide maximum visibility and easy access. Guards are available in clear polycarbonate, or steel mesh.

Looking for an enclosed conveyor, try our PEC or Monocoque Model.

TipTrak™ bucket elevator conveyors

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